Friday, September 01, 2006

UK Slavery Inc. takes police state even further

British Prime Minister-fuhrer Tony Blair, the megalomaniacal and sinister control freak wants the Orwellian STATE to control the lives of babies born to teenage mothers BEFORE the babies are born, as noted in this UK Daily Mail article. This is the latest effort to totally control the lives of British citizens, just a day after I see that the New York Times edits content in its online newspaper so as not to break British laws. What a joke. It shows me what an embarrassment the Times has become.

And as Mike at asks: "(S)eriously, one also has to wonder at how much pressure these young women will be facing to terminate these pregnancies, something this article carefully avoids mentioning."

As noted in that UK Daily Mail article:
Tony Blair has unveiled a provocative campaign to crack down on future problem children before they are even born.
He set out plans for massively increased state intervention in the homes of 'nuisance' families to tackle anti-social behaviour.

In a desperate attempt to show that his premiership has not run out of steam despite increasing demands from Labour MPs for him to step down, he said 'pre-birth' action would be taken if necessary.
The plan for what were promptly dubbed 'Fasbos' - anti- social behaviour orders for foetuses - prompted outrage at Westminster last night. Critics dubbed it the ultimate encroachment of the nanny state into the home. Labour MPs fear that Mr Blair, who yesterday was still refusing to publish a detailed timetable for his departure, is trying to shackle his expected successor Gordon Brown to contentious policies in the dying days of his regime.

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