Friday, February 23, 2007

Rep. Mary Fallin - 'Surge' protector

Newly-elected Oklahoma Congresswoman Mary Fallin, who ran against 9/11 truther Matthew Woodson, is an obedient Republican and supports President Bush's insane 'surge' idea in war-torn Iraq.

Well, yesterday, peace activists from all around metro Oklahoma City went to Fallin's OKC office, just a few blocks away from here, and tried to serve her with

Writes activist James Nimmo over at Oklahoma Indymedia:

Februrary 22, 2007 (Oklahoma City) Today, CD 5 Congresswoman Mary Fallin ordered a contingent of 30 peaceful constituents to leave not only her public office but the entire building as well. In addition, Mrs. Fallin, by way of staff, ordered media cameras and print reporters to leave as well and not cover the attempted eviction of peaceful constituents wanting to speak with her staff about the Iraq War, which is totally supported by Mrs. Fallin.

Her OKC office is located at First National Center, first floor, east end, the same location used by the gubernatorially- -defeated candidate former Congressman Ernest Istook.As a three-term Oklahoma lieutenant governor, Fallin learned to take orders from her GOP party, withdrawing from a challenge to former Governor Frank Keating's second term and she is sticking to the game plan of supporting men in superior positions of power regardless of the morality of the issue.
Make sure you read the rest of James' article at the link above.

Clearly, Fallin doesn't support all voices in Oklahoma and is criminally ignoring what a 'surge' would cause in the ruined country of Iraq. Fallin was a terrible choice to represent our congressional district. She's an imperial bootlicker and doesn't really support the troops. It's sick and sad and Fallin should hang her head in shame.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

McKenna docs/books destroyed in fire

The late researcher Terence McKenna had a plethora of amazing and intriguing books, papers and documents in storage in Monterey, California. Sadly, a fire damaged a wide area, including a storage area containing some of McKenna's collection of papers and books.

Notes blogger Erik Davis at Techgnosis, via The fire started in a Quizno’s sub shop, that exemplar of tasteful dining, and went on to thoroughly destroy a number of joints, including Goomba’s Italian Restaurant, a Starbucks, and some storage offices belonging to Big Sur’s Esalen Institute—ground zero for the human potential movement and now an upscale New Age resort. Esalen lost little of their own archives, the vast bulk of their books, photos, audio and videotapes residing elsewhere.

Strangely, I was reading a blog last night about John Lennon and strange occult Beatles stuff and they noted that Charles "Helter Skelter" Manson, had played with "The Family" at the Esalen Institute just days before the Tate-LaBianca murders in 1969. Weirdsville!

Interesting new site

Came across this site by a Brit named Ben Fairhall. Very interesting.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Watada case declared a mistrial

The Honolulu Star-Bulletin just reported this afternoon that a mistrial had been declared in the court martial of 1st Lt. Ehren Watada and the military judge set a new date for a new trial on March 12. Will be interesting to see what develops, related to this case, between now and then. Pray for this brave soldier!

Monday, February 05, 2007

'Support the Troops by Ending the War' by Rep. Ron Paul

Tired of hearing neocons bark at you how if you don't support the war, you don't support the troops? Well, Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas (who is running for president, by the way), has a great column this week, linked over at, which addresses this very topic.

Writes Rep. Paul: Clich├ęs about supporting the troops are designed to distract us from failed policies, policies promoted by powerful special interests that benefit from war. Anything to steer the discussion away from the real reasons the war in Iraq will not end anytime soon.

Continuing ...

There's just no legitimacy to the argument that voting against funding the war somehow harms our troops. Perpetuating and escalating the war only serve those whose egos are attached to some claimed victory in Iraq, and those with a determination to engineer regime change in Iran.
Don't believe for a minute that additional congressional funding is needed so our troops can defend themselves or extricate themselves from the war zone. That's nonsense. The DOD has hundreds of billions of dollars in the pipeline available to move troops anywhere on earth – including home.
We shouldn't forget that the administration took $600 million from the war in Afghanistan and used it in Iraq, before any direct appropriations were made for the invasion of Iraq. Funds are always available to put our troops into harms way; they are always available for leaving a war zone

End the war! Bring our troops home!

HPV vaccine is a dangerous hoax!

I'm truly outraged by the dictatorial actions of Texas Gov. Rick Perry regarding the HPV vaccine -- Gardasil - being forced upon girls entering the sixth grade, starting in the fall of 2008. This LIVE CANCER vaccine has not been adequately tested and those taking it are having adverse side effects as a result. Is this something you want forced on your precious daughter at $360 a pop?!? Perry is a liar and a gangster and should be run outta the great state o' Texas!!!

Notes this AP story:
(Drugmaker Merck), a New Jersey-based drug company, could generate billions in sales if Gardasil -- at $360 for the three-shot regimen -- were made mandatory across the country. Most insurance companies now cover the vaccine, which has been shown to have no serious side effects.
Cathie Adams, president of the conservative watchdog group Texas Eagle Forum, said the relationship between Merck and Women in Government is too cozy.
"What it does is benefit the pharmaceutical companies, and I don't want pharmaceutical companies taking precedence over the authorities of parents," she said.
Adams said Merck's method of lobbying quietly through groups like Women in Government in addition to meeting directly with legislators are common in state government but still should raise eyebrows. "It's corrupt as far as I'm concerned," she said.

Of course it's corrupt. Merck is facing huge losses regarding the Vioxx scandal. Merck is looking to make a bundle with these live, mutated cancer viruses.

Read this.

... and this important info related to Gov. Perry's insane executive order, compiled by friend and researcher Joey Dauben over at Ellis County Observer. Check this out:

Two things to consider about vaccines (other than the fact The Ellis County Observer advocates refusal for vaccinations):

1) Many of these Merck vaccines contain aborted fetal tissue;
2) Many of these Merck vaccines contain processed swine flesh, so for those who keep kosher diets, vaccines are unclean ...

... and that's just for starters, gang. Be wary of men offering vaccines ...