Friday, February 23, 2007

Rep. Mary Fallin - 'Surge' protector

Newly-elected Oklahoma Congresswoman Mary Fallin, who ran against 9/11 truther Matthew Woodson, is an obedient Republican and supports President Bush's insane 'surge' idea in war-torn Iraq.

Well, yesterday, peace activists from all around metro Oklahoma City went to Fallin's OKC office, just a few blocks away from here, and tried to serve her with

Writes activist James Nimmo over at Oklahoma Indymedia:

Februrary 22, 2007 (Oklahoma City) Today, CD 5 Congresswoman Mary Fallin ordered a contingent of 30 peaceful constituents to leave not only her public office but the entire building as well. In addition, Mrs. Fallin, by way of staff, ordered media cameras and print reporters to leave as well and not cover the attempted eviction of peaceful constituents wanting to speak with her staff about the Iraq War, which is totally supported by Mrs. Fallin.

Her OKC office is located at First National Center, first floor, east end, the same location used by the gubernatorially- -defeated candidate former Congressman Ernest Istook.As a three-term Oklahoma lieutenant governor, Fallin learned to take orders from her GOP party, withdrawing from a challenge to former Governor Frank Keating's second term and she is sticking to the game plan of supporting men in superior positions of power regardless of the morality of the issue.
Make sure you read the rest of James' article at the link above.

Clearly, Fallin doesn't support all voices in Oklahoma and is criminally ignoring what a 'surge' would cause in the ruined country of Iraq. Fallin was a terrible choice to represent our congressional district. She's an imperial bootlicker and doesn't really support the troops. It's sick and sad and Fallin should hang her head in shame.

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