Thursday, June 29, 2006

Still waiting for more National Guard troops on the border

Our pathetic "president" has been unable to muster even half of the 2,500 National Guard troops promised to be placed on the US-Mexico border by July 1.

Notes this Associated Press story: As of Thursday, the next-to-last day of the month, fewer than 1,000 troops were in place, according to military officials in the four border states of Texas, California, New Mexico and Arizona.

Typical, Orwellian doublespeak from some Bushian spokeshole: "It's not a combat priority. It is a volunteer mission," said Kristine Munn, spokeswoman for the National Guard Bureau, an arm of the Pentagon, "so it's a question of balancing the needs of the Border Patrol with the needs of 54 states and territories, and all those balls roll in different directions."

As I suspected, Bush is all talk no walk. And we have no clue who is coming across the border. And these aren't always just friendly dishwashers and hardworking lawn maintenance workers. Sometimes these illegals are seriously dangerous and bloodthirsty gangbangers looking for a thrill - or to kill - , as noted in this story out of Texas.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Were those really planes?

A movie I've been interested in recently has been the 1998 blockbuster popcorn flick "Armageddon," starring Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck (among others).

When meteorites begin pelting Earth, particularly New York, you see them striking the Twin Towers. Here is a clip from "Armageddon," via YouTube. It's shocking to see how similar it is to what really happened on 9/11. Was it CGI?

Also, be sure and check out the amazing new blog 911TVFakery. Lot of amazing "no plane" clips there.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bohemian 'Deadheads'

Having known about Bohemian Grove (and the Bohemian Club) for a number of years now and their encampment north of San Francisco, I've wondered about celebrities, musicians particularly, who may belong to the Grove.

Well, thanks to Total Information Analysis, I got to read about Grateful Dead percussionist Mickey Hart and guitarist Bob Weir, who are members of the Grove (the two guys pictured on the far left)!!!

The story, taken from Bay Area CBS affiliate Channel 5, notes that activists with the Bohemian Grove Action Network are upset that Hart and Weir cavort with the wicked movers and shakers among the mighty redwood groves.

Notes the story posted June 9: Hart bunks in the Hillbillies Camp with George Bush Sr. and Donald Rumsfeld and Weir resides in Rattlers Camp with Edmund Littlefield Jr., whose father is the former CEO of General Electric, said activist Mary Moore, who wants to know why Hart and Weir have "sold out."

So, I wonder what they talk about, sitting around the campfire, eating s'mores and plotting the inevitable enslavement of humanity. And I thought the Dead was all into peace and environmentalism. Now I understand why Ann Coulter is such a Deadhead. She probably "services the moguls," as Alex Jones would say.
Speaking of which, it was the Hillbillies Camp that Hart belongs to that Alex Jones told security guards he belonged to when he infiltrated in 2000.

The Bohemian Grove meeting is next month. I wonder if any more activists will be successful in infiltrating the sylvan fortress of evil.

Monday, June 26, 2006

9/11 truth is being heard!

Darren, a MySpace blogger from Simi Valley, Calif. blogs about attending the Alex Jones hosted 9/11 truth conference in Los Angeles. Interesting observations.

Oh, and Dylan Avery, creator of the "Loose Change" videos was in attendance as well. That said, Farhad Manjoo writes a lengthy piece for Salon about Avery and his controversial 9/11 truth video.

"Terrorstorm" blows in like a hurricane of truth

Well, Alex Jones's newest documentary, "Terrorstorm," has just been released. It was first screened out in Los Angeles this past weekend at the 9/11 Truth Conference. According to a report at Jones's Prison Planet site, the conference received some fairly positive mainstream coverage, according to this story.

If you want to see "Terrorstorm," click here. It's quite good!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Vicious gang war waiting to explode in New Orleans

Just received this dispatch from Tom, a trusted source in south Louisiana ...

News on the six gang members ambushed in New Orleans last week:

Fed task force has been in New Orleans for 4 weeks watching a very heavily armed and vicious Latin "street" gang.
This gang was to meet with the"victims" of last week's massacre to divide up "territory".

Real reason was to eliminate the competition. The "Vice Lords" (believe this to be the Latin gang) ambushed the NO native gang. After bringing them down with auto fire as they stepped out of their vehicles to "meet" with the arrivals, each and every one of the six locals were delivered the "coup de gras" - 2 to head + 2 to chest.

Hence, the National Guard and Louisiana State Police deployment to New Orleans. My source is not real confident that the NG and LSP can handle this new crop of bad guys. They are based out of Chicago and are very well-trained (many of whom have been trained in the US armed forces - awg).
The scant details on the evening news alluded to that fact: no collateral casualties or any wounded victims were mentioned. I suspect they and MS-13 will ultimately "split" up Orleans and Jefferson Parishes.

MS-13 is already present in Jefferson, so it would make sense for the"new" kids to go next door. MS-13 is doing the 'good' by day and 'bad' by night routine in Jefferson and St. Bernard Parishes; but, during the day they have been known to go into a storm ravaged area, cordone it off with downed trees, etc. and proceed to loot whatever is left. .

St.Bernard Sheriff's Office is trying to get rid of the "unwanteds" with some success. It will be hard for the Latin gangs to get a foothold there. Jefferson Sheriff's Office is overtaxed and shorthanded.

This is bad. New Orleans has a LONG way to go before it's anywhere near normal. These gangs smell blood and vulnerability and are going to do whatever they can to take over. This is a very serious situation. New Orleans will likely never be the same. And knowing that, I would warn visitors to take extra precautions before going down there - (i.e. church groups, French Quarter tourists, business travelers, adventurers, etc.) - awg in oklahoma

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Wal-Mart and 'continuity of government'

Is Wal-Mart working hand-in-hand in preparation for some future disaster?
Guest host Jack Blood, speaking on "The Alex Jones Show" (Jones is in L.A. for the big 9/11 truth event) seems to think so.
A listener to Jones' show wrote in and said they work at Wal-Mart in a Missouri town and said pallets of foodstuffs marked COG (aka Continuity of Government) are being placed in a warehouse until it was totally full. The listener said it's all very secretive and that only top management knows about it.
So, what does the government know? Is this normal preparations just in case? This is kind of troubling. I wonder if the Wal-Mart in my town is doing the same thing. Of course we have an Army base next door.

Deliver us from the neo-con nightmare

I was sitting in my car in a bay at a local Sonic Drive-in while listening to "The Sean Hannity Show" on AM radio. Yeah, I'm sure you're like, "AWG, what the *bleep* are you doing listening to that neo-con garbage?" Well friends, I think it's important to know what the other side is up to. In fact, I've never received as many nasty emails as I did a few years ago when I reviewed Hannity's "Deliver Us From Evil" book in a Louisiana newspaper. Why? Because I exposed Hannity for the neo-con shill he is.

Anyway, I'm sitting there sipping my Sprite when Hannity gets on and says evidence of weapons of mass destruction - 500 pounds of chemical weapons - have been miraculously found in Iraq.

Sprite nearly shot through my nose when I heard him announce this tired, discredited fairy tale. When you think Hannity has learned his lesson, he jumps back out there begging for an intellecutally honest beating. And in addition, Hannity drags that worthless nutjob, Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) into this neo-con fantasy.

And a few hours after his radio show, Hannity gets on Fox News Channel's "Hannity & Colmes" and has Santorum back on and they spewed more and more lies about the existence of WMD's.

Notes blogger "Ellen" at News Hounds about the "H&C" show last night: The entire show was filled with “FOX News Alerts” about the report. “This is exactly what we suspected he had,” Hannity crowed, before adding, falsely, “This is only a part of why we went into Iraq.” But he never asked either Santorum or Hoekstra, both of whom appeared on the show, about the administration’s response or the likely degraded condition of the chemical weapons.

Read the full News Hounds report here.

Oh, and Rush Limbaugh was spouting the same garbage this morning. No surprise there.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Murtha popular with the troops

I get so tired of the lame-o neocons saying how Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.) is against the troops and undermining the war effort for criticizing Bush's unneceassary invasion. Yet, talk to the troops themselves and discover that he's actually pretty popular, as noted in this story.

Notes the story: Staff Sgt. Randy Myers, just back from Iraq, said he backs Murtha, an opinion echoed by a number of other troops and their families. Several share his frustration with the conflict.
"I'm not sure we're doing a whole lot of good," Myers, 46, said of the U.S. presence in Iraq. "Everybody thinks we are. We're trying to, but we're not going to change what they want to do, and if they don't want to change, they're not gonna."
Said Sgt. 1st Class George Wozniak, 36, of Murtha: "He's definitely for a strong military and he definitely supports the troops."

More on 9/11 truth movement in educational publication

The Chronicle of Higher Education has an interesting, albeit condescending article by John Gravois titled "Professors of Paranoia?" and highlights the 9/11 truth investigative work by Prof. Steven Jones, Prof. David Ray Griffin and Prof. Jim Fetzer. It also features Alex Jones, with all four of them speaking at a 9/11 truth conference in Chicago earlier this month.

Writes Gravois: That night, the first keynote address was delivered by Alex Jones (no relation to Steven), a radio personality from Austin, Texas, who has developed a cult following by railing against the New World Order.
Jones is a bellicose, boyish-looking man with a voice that makes him sound like a cross between a preacher and an announcer at a cage wrestling match. (Good description.)

"It energizes my soul at its very core to be here with so many like-minded people," he began, "defending the very soul of humanity against the parasitic controllers of this world government, who are orchestrating terror attacks as a pretext to sell us into even greater slavery."
"If they think they're gonna get away with declaring war on humanity," he thundered, "they've got another think coming!"

The audience was a mix of rangy, long-haired men with pale complexions, suntanned guys with broad arms and mustaches, women with teased bangs, serious-looking youngsters wearing backpacks and didactic T-shirts, and elderly people with dreadlocks. But everyone seemed to get behind what Alex Jones had just said. In fact, they went absolutely wild with cheers.

The writer of this piece? Condescending. Above it all. See what I mean?

We will defeat the New World Order!

Bilderbergers remain divided on issues

Not surprisingly, the attendees at the Bilderberg conference in Ottawa last week hold we Americans in utter contempt. Check out Jim Tucker, of the American Free Press newspaper

Writes Tucker, via the Prison Planet website: Bilderberg expects interest rates to rise and many Americans to lose their homes in the months ahead.
Meanwhile, they hope they can pressure President Bush to refrain from an all-out invasion of Iran while maintaining oil prices at their current record-high levels of about $70 a barrel.

Timothy Geithner, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, predicted rising interest rates and difficulties for families that have obtained adjustable rate mortgages, or “variable” interest rates.
Many are likely to lose their homes as rising home mortgage rates add hundreds of dollars to their monthly payments, he said. While most listened solemnly and some expressed concern, one was heard to say, “stupid Americans deserve their fate

The article, linked above, has a lot of interesting information regarding the rising price of oil, the neo-cons bloodthirsty desire to attack Iran, and how the Europeans won't help America fight a war against Iran.


Robert Zoellick, deputy secretary of state, said it would be necessary to keep the invasion “option” to pressure Iran into agreeing to abandon its nuclear weapons program.
“You’re wrong,” the European answered. “Iran simply refuses to be bullied by the United States. Save us a lot of trouble and forget about invading Iran.” The Americans remained silent

I just got Tucker's "Bilderberg Diary" book, and while I haven't read it yet, I suspect I'll be shocked at what I find.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Chicory, beignets ... martial law?

I may be mistaken but everything I've seen so far regarding the beleaguered city of New Orleans tells me that the situation hasn't improved all that much since Katrina blasted through last August.

In fact, it appears the criminal element is returning to New Orleans and 54 people have already been killed in Orleans Parish since Jan. 1, according to this Associated Press story.

The situation has deteriorated so quickly that the National Guard has arrived in the wounded city following a massacre of citizens by some bloodthirsty thugs.

Writes the UK Telegraph: National Guard troops arrived in New Orleans yesterday as the hurricane-ravaged city struggled to quell a fast-rising and bloody crime wave.
More than 100 heavily-armed members of the Louisiana National Guard and 60 state policemen reached the city, with another 200 guardsmen due to be deployed soon. The men will patrol storm-damaged areas and have been given the power to shoot if necessary.

Yes, things are pretty grim in the Crescent City. Check out this New York Times article, linked through Raw Story, that people are growing increasingly desperate and suicidal.

This city is experiencing what appears to be almost an epidemic of depression and post-traumatic stress disorders, to a degree that mental health experts say is rarely seen in this country," writes Times reporter Susan Saulny.
"It is contributing to a suicide rate that is conservatively estimated to be triple what it was before Hurricane Katrina struck and the levees broke 10 months ago," the article continues.
"Thousands of people are living amid ruins that stretch for miles on end," Saulny writes. "Garbage is piled up, the crime rate has soared and the National Guard is back in the city, patrolling streets that the Police Department has admitted it cannot handle on its own."

"The reminders of death are everywhere, and the emotional toll is now becoming clear," writes Saulny.

And don't forget, for the survivors who believe in the Second Amendment, New Orleans' Police Superintendent Warren Riley wanted to confiscate guns of citizens if another disaster befell the city. Remember that? Fortunately, Riley was threatened with a lawsuit. The jerk backed down.

No immigration bill this year

Congressional Republicans, feeling the pressure from "we the people," have actually listened to us and will not be going along with Bush's anti-American amnesty bill for illegal aliens. Yeah!!! Check out this story.

Notes the AP story: "I think it is easy to say the first priority of the House is to secure the borders," added Rep. Roy Blunt, the GOP whip.

Monday, June 19, 2006

North Korea already tested missile, found in Alaska

... of course North Korea already tested one of these missiles in either 2002 or 2003. In any event, it was discovered in Alaska in early 2003 - on the eve of the needless invasion of Iraq. So, as Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson have reported today at Prison Planet, the Bush administration covered this fact up because the people would demand the focus be put on North Korea, not Iraq.

And as North Korea becomes more desperate, as their economic situation rapidly deteriorates, the chances that they may try something rash may increase. Scary times!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

N. Korea theatens missile test

With North Korea positioned to test a long-range missile, according to the Associated Press, our government is understandably nervous. I can imagine Japan is nervous as well. But what of China? Check out China Confidential, a great blog about Chinese politics, and note what they have to say.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

High court backs no-knock searches

For those of you who don't believe we're living in a police state, just read this story and I think you'll start coming around to the hardcore reality.

And don't forget, police have been known to kick in doors and it's the wrong address. What happened to the slogan "To Protect and Serve"?

Welcome to a blog for truth!

Will continue on as I did with the first version of Spelunking Through the Chaos.