Friday, June 23, 2006

Vicious gang war waiting to explode in New Orleans

Just received this dispatch from Tom, a trusted source in south Louisiana ...

News on the six gang members ambushed in New Orleans last week:

Fed task force has been in New Orleans for 4 weeks watching a very heavily armed and vicious Latin "street" gang.
This gang was to meet with the"victims" of last week's massacre to divide up "territory".

Real reason was to eliminate the competition. The "Vice Lords" (believe this to be the Latin gang) ambushed the NO native gang. After bringing them down with auto fire as they stepped out of their vehicles to "meet" with the arrivals, each and every one of the six locals were delivered the "coup de gras" - 2 to head + 2 to chest.

Hence, the National Guard and Louisiana State Police deployment to New Orleans. My source is not real confident that the NG and LSP can handle this new crop of bad guys. They are based out of Chicago and are very well-trained (many of whom have been trained in the US armed forces - awg).
The scant details on the evening news alluded to that fact: no collateral casualties or any wounded victims were mentioned. I suspect they and MS-13 will ultimately "split" up Orleans and Jefferson Parishes.

MS-13 is already present in Jefferson, so it would make sense for the"new" kids to go next door. MS-13 is doing the 'good' by day and 'bad' by night routine in Jefferson and St. Bernard Parishes; but, during the day they have been known to go into a storm ravaged area, cordone it off with downed trees, etc. and proceed to loot whatever is left. .

St.Bernard Sheriff's Office is trying to get rid of the "unwanteds" with some success. It will be hard for the Latin gangs to get a foothold there. Jefferson Sheriff's Office is overtaxed and shorthanded.

This is bad. New Orleans has a LONG way to go before it's anywhere near normal. These gangs smell blood and vulnerability and are going to do whatever they can to take over. This is a very serious situation. New Orleans will likely never be the same. And knowing that, I would warn visitors to take extra precautions before going down there - (i.e. church groups, French Quarter tourists, business travelers, adventurers, etc.) - awg in oklahoma

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