Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bohemian 'Deadheads'

Having known about Bohemian Grove (and the Bohemian Club) for a number of years now and their encampment north of San Francisco, I've wondered about celebrities, musicians particularly, who may belong to the Grove.

Well, thanks to Total Information Analysis, I got to read about Grateful Dead percussionist Mickey Hart and guitarist Bob Weir, who are members of the Grove (the two guys pictured on the far left)!!!

The story, taken from Bay Area CBS affiliate Channel 5, notes that activists with the Bohemian Grove Action Network are upset that Hart and Weir cavort with the wicked movers and shakers among the mighty redwood groves.

Notes the story posted June 9: Hart bunks in the Hillbillies Camp with George Bush Sr. and Donald Rumsfeld and Weir resides in Rattlers Camp with Edmund Littlefield Jr., whose father is the former CEO of General Electric, said activist Mary Moore, who wants to know why Hart and Weir have "sold out."

So, I wonder what they talk about, sitting around the campfire, eating s'mores and plotting the inevitable enslavement of humanity. And I thought the Dead was all into peace and environmentalism. Now I understand why Ann Coulter is such a Deadhead. She probably "services the moguls," as Alex Jones would say.
Speaking of which, it was the Hillbillies Camp that Hart belongs to that Alex Jones told security guards he belonged to when he infiltrated in 2000.

The Bohemian Grove meeting is next month. I wonder if any more activists will be successful in infiltrating the sylvan fortress of evil.


harbs said...

though I don't give a rip about bohemian grove, as a former -yes former...i love the music, but in keeping up with the goings on of the surviving members am disgusted with them - deadhead, I'll say this: Bob Wier and Mickey Hart are and have always been money grubbing sell-outs, make no mistake. Since the death of Jerry, this has been only self-evident, from their selfishly disgusting lawsuits over Jerry's guitars to their (Bob in particular)dismissing and hateful treatment of the late Vince Welnick (who sadly committed suicide only a few weeks ago), the last keyboardist to play with the dead, only at Jerry's insistence.

Wier's band Ratdog...what a fitting name.

AWG said...

Ratdog, indeed! Yeah, sad about Vince. Dead keyboardists never get much respect, sadly.