Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More on 9/11 truth movement in educational publication

The Chronicle of Higher Education has an interesting, albeit condescending article by John Gravois titled "Professors of Paranoia?" and highlights the 9/11 truth investigative work by Prof. Steven Jones, Prof. David Ray Griffin and Prof. Jim Fetzer. It also features Alex Jones, with all four of them speaking at a 9/11 truth conference in Chicago earlier this month.

Writes Gravois: That night, the first keynote address was delivered by Alex Jones (no relation to Steven), a radio personality from Austin, Texas, who has developed a cult following by railing against the New World Order.
Jones is a bellicose, boyish-looking man with a voice that makes him sound like a cross between a preacher and an announcer at a cage wrestling match. (Good description.)

"It energizes my soul at its very core to be here with so many like-minded people," he began, "defending the very soul of humanity against the parasitic controllers of this world government, who are orchestrating terror attacks as a pretext to sell us into even greater slavery."
"If they think they're gonna get away with declaring war on humanity," he thundered, "they've got another think coming!"

The audience was a mix of rangy, long-haired men with pale complexions, suntanned guys with broad arms and mustaches, women with teased bangs, serious-looking youngsters wearing backpacks and didactic T-shirts, and elderly people with dreadlocks. But everyone seemed to get behind what Alex Jones had just said. In fact, they went absolutely wild with cheers.

The writer of this piece? Condescending. Above it all. See what I mean?

We will defeat the New World Order!

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