Thursday, February 22, 2007

McKenna docs/books destroyed in fire

The late researcher Terence McKenna had a plethora of amazing and intriguing books, papers and documents in storage in Monterey, California. Sadly, a fire damaged a wide area, including a storage area containing some of McKenna's collection of papers and books.

Notes blogger Erik Davis at Techgnosis, via The fire started in a Quizno’s sub shop, that exemplar of tasteful dining, and went on to thoroughly destroy a number of joints, including Goomba’s Italian Restaurant, a Starbucks, and some storage offices belonging to Big Sur’s Esalen Institute—ground zero for the human potential movement and now an upscale New Age resort. Esalen lost little of their own archives, the vast bulk of their books, photos, audio and videotapes residing elsewhere.

Strangely, I was reading a blog last night about John Lennon and strange occult Beatles stuff and they noted that Charles "Helter Skelter" Manson, had played with "The Family" at the Esalen Institute just days before the Tate-LaBianca murders in 1969. Weirdsville!

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