Friday, September 22, 2006

'Dusty' Todd Whitman needs to be investigated

I remember in the days after the 9/11 inside job that the government, namely the Environmental Protection Agency, seemed careless when it came to making sure people were aware of how dangerous the air was in and around the WTC Ground Zero site.
When the neocons took down the towers and that toxic cloud of horrors enveloped the southern tip of Manhattan, I mean, what moron wouldn't realize it was dangerous and potentially deadly.

And now people are dying because of our corrupt government.Well, more and more is being discovered about then-EPA head Christie (Dusty) Todd Whitman, the person who allowed folks to live and work down there, covering up the danger that people faced. Now people are dying.

And whistleblowers are being harassed by government thugs for daring to speak out about the issue.Now the Murdoch-owned New York Post has a shocking article about Whitman and her complicity in putting people at risk. The article also notes that Whitman had a conflict of interest because of financial interests (Port Authority and Citigroup-Travelers). Whitman needs to be indicted. I hope the investigation begins soon.

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