Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Chavez speech simply sizzles, blasts BushCo

Holy Toledo!!! Have you read the transcript of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's speech at the United Nations today? He totally smokes the neocon/BushCo crime syndicate while offering a message of hope. He calls Bush "The Devil" and talks of the CIA-staged coup that nearly resulted in his own death. It was awe-inspiring!

The following portion of the transcript (from The Drudge Report) was particularly revealing, discussing how our own government covers up for terrorist acts perpetrated and/or supported by dark forces within our own government.

CHAVEZ (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): President Michelle Bachelet reminded us just a moment ago of the horrendous assassination of the former foreign minister, Orlando Letelier.
And I would just add one thing: Those who perpetrated this crime are free. And that other event where an American citizen also died were American themselves. They were CIA killers, terrorists.
And we must recall in this room that in just a few days there will be another anniversary. Thirty years will have passed from this other horrendous terrorist attack on the Cuban plane, where 73 innocents died, a Cubana de Aviacion airliner. And where is the biggest terrorist of this continent who took the responsibility for blowing up the plane? He spent a few years in jail in Venezuela. Thanks to CIA and then government officials, he was allowed to escape, and he lives here in this country, protected by the government. And he was convicted. He has confessed to his crime.
But the U.S. government has double standards. It protects terrorism when it wants to. And this is to say that Venezuela is fully committed to combating terrorism and violence. And we are one of the people who are fighting for peace. Luis Posada Carriles is the name of that terrorist who is protected here. And other tremendously corrupt people who escaped from Venezuela are also living here under protection: a group that bombed various embassies, that assassinated people during the coup.
They kidnapped me and they were going to kill me, but I think God reached down and our people came out into the streets and the army was too, and so I'm here today. But these people who led that coup are here today in this country protected by the American government. And I accuse the American government of protecting terrorists and of having a completely cynical discourse.

I hope everyone will read this. While I don't agree on his support of dictator Fidel Castro, he is right on on what he says about actions by our government.

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