Tuesday, September 26, 2006

'Say No to the New World Order' message crosses the pond

I don't know how many of you are familiar with the "Where's George" concept. Basically, people write or stamp "Go to 'WheresGeorge.com' and see where this bill has been" (or some variation of that). You then go to the site and enter the serial number information and you can track it as it makes its way around the country (or world, even!). It's quite fun and addictive. I've been involved with WG off and on since 1999 when I did a story on it for a Louisiana newspaper.

Anyway, I got a couple of WG bills at a local convenience store. When I typed in their serial numbers, I found they had come from Claremore, Oklahoma in the northeastern part of the state. Pretty neat. Now, I'm not nearly as involved with WG as I used to be but I figured I'd check to see if any bills I've entered in the past seven years had been found recently.

Well, as it turns out, on this very day, in Lakenheath, United Kingdom, a bill I had entered in October 2003, three years ago, had been found. As I wrote at the time on WheresGeorge.com: "I had a funny feeling I had a WG bill in my wallet this morning. Just as I was pulling out money to put in the collection plate there it was. I remember I got the bill as change at a gun show in Lafayette, LA on 10/25/03.Neat, huh?"

Now, the guy who found the bill I had entered in 2003 noted that at the top of the bill someone (ahem!!) had written "Say No to the New World Order." The British guy noted that he was "going to write 'suck it' on its back in the circle with the eagle." Wow! My anti NWO message was read by some anonymous Brit. What a small world, eh?

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