Monday, September 11, 2006

Osama bin Forgotten is deep in his Afghani cave (yeah, right!)

Except for the spewage coming across the radio waves today (your pick of neocon nitwits, I largely avoided dwelling on any 9/11 remembrance propaganda. I was kind of wanting to go to the Freedom Walk in Oklahoma City and hold my "9/11 Was an Inside Job" placard, but because of other responsibilities didn't get the opportunity to do so. However, I did come across a few choice columns today, including this one from's Justin Raimondo (check out the link to the curious Haaretz article linked towards the end ... hmmm) and this cranky column from Mad Cow Morning News' Daniel Hopsicker.

And those are just a couple of the ones I came across today in my free time. Yup, it's five years later. Someone at work asked me about my thoughts about 9/11 and I said: "Nine-eleven, huh? I'm tired of those numbers because they remind of how much my government lies to me." The woman responded with a knowing nod. I'm just glad more people are warming up to the idea that cold-blooded killers within their own government hatched this whole 9/11 scheme with ruthless precision.

And what of Osama bin Laden? Who the hell knows. Check out this UK Guardian article headlined "The hunt." Check out this paragraph: Rarely has so much brought so little. The US has spent billions on the search. It has mobilised armies, bribed informers, bullied allies, emptied bank accounts, tapped phones, abducted suspects and assassinated his henchmen. It has, without a doubt, seriously damaged al-Qaida's ability to carry out terrorist attacks. Yet still the scarlet pimpernel of jihad roams free.

Roams free, eh? I wouldn't go that far. All indications are that Osama has long since died, back in some Western hospital in Dubai. Or perhaps in a cave. No one is really quite sure.

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FĂ«anor said...

Or perhaps, in a cave smoking a "Dubai."

I was telling someone the other day that JESUS CHRIST had someone in his inner sanctum that would give him up for money. Is bin Laden better than Jesus?! If we were really looking for him, we could find him. At least, that's my opinion, man.