Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Shouting truth to power

My good friend J. Andrew was at UNC in Chapel Hill tonight and did a very courageous thing as former attorney general John Ashcroft spoke at a conservative forum at that North Carolina university. He stood up and said "Why didn't you take any commercial jet flights in the months prior to 9/11?"

Apparently, Ashcroft tried to paint it as a conspiratorial fairy tale. Yet, if you check it out, as I did, it's true. Ashcroft did avoid commercial jet travel in the summer of '01. Here's a link for you.

And a big shout out to J. Andrew for his brave stand in that auditorium full of Bushites. He's a true inspiration. He told me that after Ashcroft finished and all these people were clapping for Ashcroft, J. Andrew got up and said, "Google it!" AWESOME!!!

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