Monday, September 11, 2006

DU train

The following was emailed to me over the weekend. It comes from a trusted source. I wonder what it means ...

At the Lake Charles, Louisiana gun show last weekend, a witness told of being stopped at a railroad crossing by a train load of "knocked-out" Abrahms tanks! He told of one of the five or six tanks having a hole "this big" (gesturing to about two and a half feet in diameter) in the turret...!??
As well as other signs of trauma to the others. Is this Hezbollah weapon being used against US troops? Sure looks like it. IED's do not kill Abrahms tanks. Unless they are real big. 'Course, that train was spread fine particles of DU along the tracks! Abrahms tanks have DU sandwiched between the Chobham layers. When hit with kinectic energy or high expolsive rounds, DU spalls off in microscopic particles finer than that capable of being filtered out by military gas masks!!!

There has been one incident on the C3 (controlled, commercial, co-dependent) news wherein a US tanker is seen on fire bailing out of his burning Abrahms! Nothing else that I am aware of.


This is disconcerting. I recall hearing about a similar train passing through rural Kansas. Imagine the children that could come into contact with this train while traveling through their communities. It's outrageous what our government is getting away with.

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