Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Shreveport dentist dies after being poisoned/ strange 9-11 link

I recall reading this strange story of Shreveport, Louisiana-based dentist David Graham, who reported in 2004 of being poisoned, this after telling the FBI he had run into three alleged 9/11 plotters who were being hosted by a Bossier City-based Pakistani man, Jamal Khan. Who is the mysterious Khan and where is he now?

Anyway, at the time of the Graham incident, I wondered if anything else would come of it. Of course I was particularly interested in it because of the Louisiana connection. Sadly, the man succumbed to the poisoning.

The story was mentioned last week on KTBS Channel 3 in Shreveport and picked up by several blogs, including The Buck Stops Here and Cannonfire. Not surprisingly, there's no mention of Graham's unusual death or the circumstances surrounding it in the local daily, the Gannett-owned Shreveport Times. That paper has dropped the ball time and again on some big stories, like the crop circle story I did three years ago. Yep, it was an actual crop circle that appeared in an overgrown, weed-choked vacant lot behind the Shreve City shopping center in the spring of 2003.

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