Saturday, August 19, 2006

Venezuelan government captures four US spies

Is it just me, or does Hugo Chavez seem like a character straight out of Woody Allen's 1971 film "Bananas"? (one of my favorite Woody Allen films, by the way, next to "Stardust Memories").

Check out this paragraph and Chavez quote in a new AP article on the American spies captured in Venezuela: Speaking to a sea of supporters, Chavez read the name of the official named by (John) Negroponte to head the Cuba and Venezuela mission, 32-year intelligence veteran J. Patrick Maher, and laughed.
"They selected 'Jack the Ripper,"' Chavez said. "What a little problem this is

Chavez then went on to say: "These are signs that the empire doesn't rest," Chavez said, referring to the U.S. "The plan to try to destabilize us has already begun."

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