Friday, August 18, 2006

Strange beasts

I'm sure many of you have seen the photos and reports on the wolf-like "hybrid-mutant" found dead in Maine, a report that has received international attention. I'm sure folks in Latin America are amused by all this attention, considering how common chupacabra and alien sightings are in that part of the world. The best information came from Cryptomundo, a great site for those interested in cryptozoology.

And over at Cryptomundo, they continue to note the strange Bigfoot sightings reported on the isolated Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

It's very curious. The creature, whatever it is, is an enormous beast with unusual features on its head, at least according to this report from Pine Ridge police officer James Twiss: "the first two sightings was called in as a tall (10 to 15 feet tall) who appeared to be wearing a stovepipe hat and long coat. It was reported to be peeking into a apartment complex commons room where there was several witnesses."

Twiss notes in his report that a similar, stovepipe-hat-wearing creature with a long coat was reported in the same area 20 years earlier. Very "Mothman Prophecies"-esque. Eerie!

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