Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Justin and Dustin

The post below this notes how The Oklahoman is quick to sneer at "conspiracy theories." Well, what about Joel Henry Hinrichs III, the OU junior who blew himself up outside OU Memorial Stadium last October? Remember, he tried to buy some ammonium nitrate at a feed store in Norman prior to his "suicide bombing."

And now we have two young men, Justin O'Dell and Dustin Wedgeworth, in jail tonight, further down Interstate 35 in San Antonio, Texas. Why? Because these two lads tried stealing some ammonium nitrate and blasting caps, as reported by San Antonio station KSAT.

So, what were Justin and Dustin up to? Are they dupes like Headless Joe Hinrichs the OU suicide bomber? It's scary to think about. Just glad these two jerks got caught.

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