Tuesday, August 22, 2006

DU : An atrocity against people and the planet

Several times on this blog I've noted stories I've come across addressing the insidiousness of depleted uranium. It is nasty, nasty stuff and our government has used it over and over - thousands upon thousands of tons of this stuff in munitions and bombs used in the Middle East and Central Asia. It causes sicknesses ranging from cancer to genetic mutations and worse.

As noted over at Marc Parent's LiveJournal blog, using depleted uranium is a war crime and leads not just to genocide against defenseless human beings but "omnicide" in this article headlined "Doing the Wrong Thing in Afghanistan: Depleted Uranium, The Definitive Moral Paradox."

Writes contributer Michael Clark: "Tragically, every air strike uses bombs and missiles that are encased and ballasted with depleted uranium (DU) which aerosolizes upon impact, instantaneously being released into the atmosphere as insoluble ceramic uranium oxide nanoparticles.
Its gaseous characteristics allow DU to remain suspended in the air and be distributed around the earth as a radioactive component of atmospheric dust, contaminating the environment and indiscriminately killing, maiming and causing disease in all living things wherever rain, snow and moisture remove it from the atmosphere.Nuclear experts agree that DU is a weapon for killing lots of people that keeps on killing forever.
It meets the U.S. government’s own definitions of weapons of mass destruction. And there is no way to ever clean it up."

And yet very few people talk about this subject. I was only a baby during the Vietnam War, so I don't remember people talking about Agent Orange. This is our generation's Agent Orange, only it's on a global scale and far worse.

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