Monday, August 14, 2006

Uneasy feelings

Unlike The Eagles, I'm not having that "peaceful easy feeling" right now. I'm seeing signs all over the place where the neocon/globalists are conspiring to drag us into a full-blown World War III scenario. This week seems to be a critical time, considering the upcoming drill in Hawaii, military movements in the Heartland and the phony air scare in England.

People I've talked to seem to sense something is in the air. 9/11 truth is getting more exposure. Alex Jones, as I've noted, suspects something big will go down between now and mid-October. We have to be vigilant and aware of what these evil people are up to. Don't watch Fox News for your information, go to, or any number of sites linked here.


RC said...

i really feel like now is a turbulent time in history.

The UK bomb plan, Lebanon, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea...

Where's the latin-america I missing it (or is just domestic immigration issues).

--RC of

AWG said...

Plenty o' Latin American turmoil. A good source is