Friday, August 18, 2006

9/11 truth is getting increased exposure!

The 9/11 Truth movement continues to make headway in our fight against the belligerent neocons. The latest victory was Alex Jones getting WorldNetDaily to issue a retraction to a story - "9/11 Bush Bashers" - written by neocon tool Jonathon Moseley. This came after a contentious interview on "The Alex Jones Show" yesterday where Jones and 9/11 truther Prof. Jim Fetzer lay into Moseley and show him the error of his ways. It was beautiful!

Folks, we are making advances in getting the truth out there regarding what really happened on 9/11. It's obvious to me that the neocons are getting nervous and feeling cornered because the truth is being exposed to the light of day. When I saw that obnoxious editorial this past week in The Oklahoman, attacking the movement, sure, I was angry, but after I settled down I knew that this was very good because we truthseekers are in the majority! The cover-up artists at papers like The Oklahoman or the Sheboygan Press in Wisconsin ... they are getting hammered with emails and letters from people who are tired of the lies!

Just go to or www.whatreallyhappened or or any number of worthy truth sites and discover for yourself how your government has been lying to you since the day of the attacks.

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