Thursday, August 10, 2006

Martial law around the corner

This morning, when I heard about the thwarted "terror attacks" centered on airlines out of the UK, I shuddered because I had this weird vision yesterday of planes blowing up in mid-air. This wasn't a dream. It frightens me because someone close to me is leaving for England today. What's also weird is that I've had a very strong feeling that stocking up on food and water would be wise at this time.

And then there's this ...

Alex Jones just warned the audience that there is a 90 percent chance of World War III and martial law in the next two months. This following today's thwarted "terror attacks." Jones, who I've trusted for years and warned listeners that attacks were coming two months prior to 9/11.

Said Jones just now: "We are entering the darkest waters the Western world has ever seen."

He added that he predicts "bone-shattering" attacks just around the corner, in either the U.S., Canada or England.

This is looking grim, particularly in light of heightened tensions in the Middle East.

Please pray for our country.

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