Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Oklahoman dismisses truth seekers (no surprise!)

The heads-in-the-sand editorial board of The Oklahoman continues to spread their neocon propaganda. It's just sad.

Conspiracy bombs keep dropping

Oklahoman Editorial
Posted: August 15, 2006

EVEN BEFORE the smoke cleared on the bombing of the Murrah Building, conspiracy theorists began speculating not only on who had done the deed but on how the explosives in a rental truck could not have done so much damage.
Given that the events of Sept. 11, 2001, were witnessed by so many, we didn’t think conspiracy theorists could find much fodder in the destruction of the World Trade Center. We were wrong. People with apparently nothing better to do are claiming the Twin Towers, subject of a Oliver Stone movie that premiered last week, were brought down by explosives rather than by the jumbo jets that were flown into them.
This sick and twisted theory joins a long list of 9/11-related garbage spewing mostly from people who dislike — to put it mildly — President Bush. Indeed, the key difference between the Murrah bombing conspiracy theorists and the 9/11 version is that the former are generally from the rabid right and the latter are definitely in the loony left.
Another difference: With the bombing, not much academic prowess was evident. With 9/11, leaders of the pack are university types. (Another argument against tenure?)
Politicians who attach themselves to these “causes” should proceed with caution. An Oklahoma legislator, Republican Charles Key, was a leading author of confusion regarding the bombing and lost his seat. Unfortunately he’s attempting a comeback.
U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney, the in-again, out-again Georgia congresswoman, will be out again come the new year. She disgraced herself after 9/11 by claiming Bush knew the attacks were coming but did nothing to stop them. She was trounced last week in a Democratic runoff.
Conspiracy theories surrounding national tragedies are nothing new. Folks still claim the “real killers” of President Lincoln weren’t brought to justice. Imagine how strange things would have been in 1865 had the Internet been available to spread ignorance and paranoia.

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