Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech terrorist tragedy brings to mind 2005 suicide bombing at OU

Cho Seung-Hui.
Who was this man? Why did he go on a killing spree at Virginia Tech? How did this Korean national manage to get a firearm? Was there a second shooter? Why didn't the campus and Blacksburg police react more quickly?

There are simply so many questions about this horrific, and dare I say it, terrorist attack? I mean I would suspect the Department of Homeland Security would label Cho a terrorist. Clearly this was pre-meditated and was meant to go beyond the allegations that he killed his girlfriend (?) and another man. There are so many things about this incident that need answers.

I just hope this doesn't lead to posturing by anti-gunners wanting to take away our gun rights. I mean, isn't that what usually happens after these sort of incidents?

And, I'm speculating here folks, Virginia Tech is not so far from spook central near Washington DC. Was he a Manchurian candidate, under some sort of mind control? I want to know more about what he was studying, who he was hanging out with

Just 25 miles south of here, on Oct. 1, 2005, Joel Henry Hinrichs III blew himself up outside a crowded stadium at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, something I reported on here at Spelunking. OU President David Boren downplayed any terrorist connections, even though explosive material was found in his apartment, had been visiting a local mosque and he was acting strangely prior to the explosion. He also reportedly tried to get in the stadium, where tens of thousands of football fans were watching OU play Kansas State. Even though a ticket-taker turned Hinrichs away for not having a ticket, it was clear to the man that Hinrichs was trying to gain entry into the stadium. That fact was played down and/or ignored by the local media, something reported on by Norman-based writer/researcher Michael P. Wright.

So, it will be interesting to see if the administration at Virginia Tech will try to play down and spin this tragedy, much like OU and the Oklahoma media did following the Hinrichs suicide bombing.

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