Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bowman wants 'Patriots' to take back America

Had an opportunity to hear a talk by Dr. Bob Bowman, Lt. Col. USAF, ret. National Commander last night here in Oklahoma City and came away inspired.

Bowman, who has run both for president and for a congressional seat out of Florida, made a stop at Mayflower Congregational Church, as part of his 100-city "Patriots" tour where he shares his thoughts about everything from this corrupt cabal in the Bush administration to issues related to 9/11 truth and how he believes it was an inside job.

The crowd, mostly middle-age or older, sat in the church sanctuary and listened to peace activist Nathaniel Batchelder with Oklahoma City's Peace House introduce his old friend Dr. Bowman. It would become clear that Bowman was interested in bringing both left and right together and convincing folks that we're all in this together, in a fight against greedy globalists and war profiteers.

"What I'm trying to do with the Patriots tour is to bring people in our country together to where we recognize our common need to take back our country for the people," Bowman said, adding that the increasingly common thread among people of all political stripes is that they "love their country but fear their government."Added Bowman, "It's time to come together and take back our government."

Bowman, who directed the Department of Defense's 'Star Wars' programs under the Ford and Carter administrations and was a Democrat candidate for U.S. Congress in Florida's 15th district in 2006, said there is really little difference between the two major parties and that's what the elites - the "Corporate New World Order" - want.

Bowman then told the audience that he had drafted an inaugural "State of the Union" speech that he would give to the American people were he to be elected president someday. I have to say that he made some powerful, hard-hitting statements.

"Benjamin Franklin's worst fears came true," Bowman said in his speech. "We've lost our Republic."

Bowman hit the 9/11 inside job issue pretty hard, saying that there is "evidence of a massive cover-up of 9/11."

Interestingly, he said he spoke with 9/11 Commissioners Lee Hamilton and Thomas Kean and they told him that information they wanted in the final report was whitewashed or simply left out of the report.

"If the Bush administration had nothing to hide," Bowman thundered, "Why did they hide everything?"

He poked holes in the perposterous 9/11 conspiracy theory peddled by this corrupt government, saying that 19 hijackers with box cutters could not have pulled off the attacks. And if they did, how did they know real-life drills dealing with the exact same scenario were going on that day?

He told the audience that a number of the "hijackers" were trained by our own government and may have simply been "patsies" and "dupes" that were taking part in an anti-terrorism event that they were caught up in unawares.

Someone in the audience scoffed, saying "That's pretty far out," when Bowman suggested the planes may have been operated under remote control.

"The American people have not been told about who is responsible for 9/11," he said, noting, "Who were the guilty parties? The Saudis? The Pakistanis? The Israelis? Americans?"

Bowman included text from speeches he gave prior to our illegal invasion of Iraq in March 2003. He railed against the administration and the war, and as a veteran himself, told the audience that many thousands of troops will come home suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and poisoned by exposure to depleted uranium. He added that many children born to soldiers exposed to DU will sadly be afflicted with "severe birth defects."

He then talked about how after the end of the Cold War, the first Bush administration needed a "boogeyman" to justify ballooning defense budgets and chose Saddam Hussein, even though he had been an asset of our government for decades.
"Saddam was always a bad guy," Bowman said, "But he was always our bad guy."

And now, he said, more terrorists are being created as this disastrous war churns onward. People with no hope turn to terrorism out of desperation, he said.

Speaking to the largely left base in the audience, he said that under his administration, the School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia would be closed and end the embargo on Cuba.

He then wrapped up his speech saying that the turnout in Oklahoma City was the best he'd seen so far, better than even Houston, Austin and San Antonio.

During the question and answer period, Bowman told the crowd that effective ways to get your voice heard was to write short letters to Congress, making your one, single point. Peace demonstrations are effective, as is running for office, which gives one a "soapbox."
When an audience member admitted to being "behind the curve" regarding 9/11 truth and asked how to find out more, Bowman told him to check out informative 9/11 truth sites like Alex Jones' and

Interestingly, Bowman, who said he had supported John Kerry for president in 2004, noted Kerry's membership with Skull and Bones.
He said that he is also working alongside the John Birch Society, a group that used to heckle him years ago.
He noted that after an audience member asked how one could "expose the money trail related to the military-industrial complex." He said the Birchers have done a lot to expose that, finding out who belongs to the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg group.

Now, I didn't agree with everything he said. I'm not in favor of re-instating the so-called "Fairness Doctrine," which would silence certain voices in the media. As much as I'd love for Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck and O'Reilly to all retire, they do have a right to say what they want, no matter how un-American and/or odious.

Bowman also called for universal health care for all Americans, although he did not go into specifics as to how that would work.

Alas, he didn't get around to answering my question which had to do with the militarization of space and releasing documents related to UFOs.

Oh well, maybe I'll catch him again some other time.If he comes to your town, I urge you to go out and hear him.

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