Friday, April 20, 2007

Gun grabbers find a hero in Walter Shapiro columnist Walter Shapiro, simmering with rage and hate aimed at those of us who actually embrace the Constitution and Second Amendment, wrote the most asinine, insane column over at left-gatekeeping website Salon this week, in the wake of the tragic Virginia Tech shootings.

Writes this nattering ninny: Despite a decade-long string of such political victories, the National Rife Association still revels in the apocalyptic imagery of liberal jackboots trampling on the constitutionally guaranteed freedoms of gun-loving patriots. After the Democrats took control of Congress last November, the NRA issued a brochure that began ominously, "Second Amendment freedom today stands naked in the path of a marching axis of adversaries far darker and more dangerous than gun owners have ever known."

Well, as a member of the NRA, we know it's true that Democrats are more likely to impose gun-control laws than Republicans. However, under the Bush administration, gun rights have been more imperiled than they were under the Clinton regime.

As for "jackboots," Shapiro must be living on a different planet. There is a very serious possibility that doors will be kicked in by storm troopers directed under a Giuliani or Hillary Clinton administration. Make no mistake neocons, Giuliani and Clinton want your guns. As the Infowars T-shirt says: "Politicians love disarmed peasants." The Second Amendment is in serious danger and Shapiro will be wishing he had some protection when he's mugged or attacked by some street thug.

Of course he could always move to Britain or Australia and cower in fear like our Western allies. Pathetic!

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