Wednesday, April 11, 2007

9/11 'conspiracy debunkers': Show up or shut up!

I was just listening to uber-neocon Glenn Beck and his lil' pal "Stu" talking about Rosie O'Donnell and her role on "The View" and discussing her with Rosie's "View" co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

Hasselbeck told Beck how it was absurd to believe Rosie's suggestion that the government took down World Trade Center 7 and that even if it was an inside job, as Rosie suggests, it would've had to be implemented before the Bush administration came into power.

Naturally, Beck and "Stu" were salivating about how hot Hasselbeck is and that it is off-the-charts crazy to believe 9/11 was an inside job. Well, Hasselbeck, show me where the 9/11 truth movement is wrong. We don't want the empty opinions and defending of the government. Don't you want an independent investigation? Have you simply turned off your brain? Rosie O'Donnell, regardless of what you may think of her, is a patriot for using her position to openly question our corrupt government. Hasselbeck is an embarrassment.

So, I want you all to read this great column via Jesse at called "To 9/11 'Conspiracy Debunkers': I'm Calling You Out, Either Show Up or Shut Up!"

Writes Jesse:
And so, there really is only one way to go right now: the 9/11 discussion either has to end immediately or it has to go public full force! I am personally calling out the people who continue to cling to the official story! Bring your experts, bring the 9/11 Commission, bring your debunkers and openly debate me and the team I put together. If you hear us out and answer our questions honestly in a public and open forum, we’ll go away! If not, we want mainstream televised coverage of the research we have done.

And don't forget today, being the 11th, is a 9/11 Truth Action day. Spread 9/11 Truth wherever you can!!!

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