Friday, April 20, 2007

Giuliani tries to score political points at OKC bombing memorial

As a chemtrail-caused haze began to obscure the clear blue skies above, Mob-embracing, cross-dressing, multiple-divorcing, gun-controlling, abortion-supporting, 9/11 cover-up artist Rudy Giuliani was the "special guest" speaker at Thursday's 12th anniversary observance of the government-sponsored destruction of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building here in Oklahoma City.

Arriving in a Suburban with a couple of guys in dark sunglasses, this smirking shill for the New World Order crawled out, shook some hands and walked down to the small podium set up next to the touring piano John Lennon used to compose his 1971 hit "Imagine."

After some words from the head of the Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum and Oklahoma Lt. Gov. Jari Askins, Giuliani (who fidgeted and looked distracted) took to the lectern and talked about how his city and our city shared much in common; good people and first responders who quickly responded to one another's terror attacks.

He then spoke of this week's Virginia Tech tragedy, pledging to do more to "make our schools safer" (sounds like a speech for his candidacy for president) and then proceeded to talk about "strength," "resolve," and how "free people have strength."

"We will do everything we can to prevent further attacks," Giuliani said. "Freedom from violence is our first civil right."

The Rudester closed by saying, "We will win the war on terror at home and abroad."

They then read the names of the 168 victims of the bombing.

I was able to get some pictures of Rudy talking to people and taking pictures. When the media (myself included) approached him and an Oklahoman reporter began peppering him with questions, included a pointed question about his position on gun control in light of the VT shootings, Giuliani got all serious and said, "I'm not here for political questions."

Yeah, sure. His whole reason for being in our city was for political reasons. It was disgusting.

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