Thursday, October 05, 2006

What exactly did Boren deny in Woodward's book?

White House Press Secretary Tony Snow was answering questions this afternoon about the growing Foley scandal and other issues, including Bob Woodward (who worked alongside Coast to Coast AM's George Noory when they were in the US Navy - whoa!!) and his new book "State of Denial." In the middle of answering a question, Snow mentions former Sen. David Boren and current University of Oklahoma president, and something about "denials." Denials? Hmm. Wonder what that's about? (thanks to Mike W. for the tip)

From this transcript ....

Q You said the White House is not worried about people staying home during the midterms. But in addition to the Foley scandal, and the senior Republicans forming a sort of circular firing squad -- you've got the war in Iraq going badly and you've got the Woodward book. Why would you not be worried?
MR. SNOW: Well, a couple of things. First, the Woodward book is going to be interesting, in the sense that it's fascinating to everybody here in beltway. But there are also a lot of single-sourcing problems. And, you know, there is going to be a lot of back and forth. I talked to Andy Card today, for instance, who says he was quoted accurately, but out of context. I talked with the aide to General Abizaid, who said that although General Abizaid is quoted a couple of times, he was never contacted, they never ran quotes by them, they didn't talk to him. They didn't talk to Kissinger -- he's quoted in the book. They didn't talk to Brent Scowcroft -- he's quoted. David Boren has issued some denials, as well. (What the bleep???)
Furthermore, on one of the central charges that there is a discrepancy between a couple of documents from the Pentagon -- there is none. And so you can get into the nit-picky on that, but the point is, of course -- I think what I said is voter intensity does matter and turnout matters.

And then there's the Oklahoman coverage of gubernatorial candidate U.S. Rep. Ernest Istook (R-Warr Acres, Okla.) and his comments regarding an aide from California who may have been a victim of pedophile and disgraced ex-congressman Mark Foley.

Writes the Oklahoman's Michael McNutt: “I will say nothing to confirm or to deny the name of anyone who may have been a victim of the wrongful behavior of former Congressman Mark Foley,” Istook said during a news conference outside his downtown Oklahoma City campaign headquarters.

Wonder where this is going?

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