Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Talk radio bootlickers kiss up to Lord Bush

This New York Times (yeah, I know ... sheesh!!!) article addresses how Lord Bush met with some top talk radio propagandists - Neal Boortz, Sean Hannity, Michael "Crybaby" Medved, Laura Ingraham and Mike Gallagher - and "explained" his reasoning for decisions on the "terra war," pro-illegal immigration and other critical issues for neo-cons.

Yep, Lord Bush had to get these "talkers" to rally the neo-con shock troops to support the dictator-lordship's decrees. While the Times noted the filthy Michael Savage, they didn't note caveman warrior Alex Jones who is ACTUALLY a true conservative and patriot.

While I despise all the names (except Jones, who I have the utmost respect for) above, Medved is particularly awful. And I speak from experience, because I interviewed him for a Texas newspaper and he was the biggest whiner I've ever met!

Writes Times reporter Jim Rutenberg: "On his Web site, Mr. Medved wrote how Mr. Bush spoke about his commitment to his immigration plan in terms of the fight against terrorism. He said the president made a case that if he were to give in to conservative complaints, “the nation’s enemies (and the rest of the world) would take away the belief that the president could be bullied, prodded, overwhelmed and intimidated.”

What the hell?!?!? Did you read that Orwellian paragraph? Medved says on his site, according to Rutenberg, that Lord Bush won't listen to true conservatives because to do so would be giving in to the terr'ists. This is how crazy-upside/down-insane things have become. At least we know the neo-cons are on the ropes. As Alex Jones just said, "I smell blood."


f8te said...

"While I despise all the names above, Medved is particularly awful."

Are you saying you despise Alex Jones as well as the scum above?

AWG said...

No, no, no. Hardly. I'm a huge supporter of Jones. I listen to him everyday and have been following his work since '98. Sorry for the confusion.

Don Robertson said...

It was the King of Siam (Thailand) who upon hearing an Englishman speak of "ice", then took all Englishmen to be liars. He wasn't far off. And this is the sorry state of the Republican Party with the electorate today. They're taken as habitual liars. And the electorate is not far off either.

The now infamous adage about an A-bomb ticking in New York City somewhere has become moot, simply because the voting electorate so disbelieves what the government tells them, such a predicament's warning wouldn't be heeded anyway. You could go to Platinum Alert and not a soul would listen.

And, despite marshalling all the media troops around the Republican camp fire to push the line on the war on terror, every nuance uttered pushes the electorate further and further out of the Republican camp.

Many Republican incumbents are going to be floored when they see the election results come in, even if they individually end up winning in a squeaker. The average voter always votes against a candidate, and this time they're going to vote anti-Republican.

Now, here's the bad news. It won't get any better with a Democratic win now or in 2008 because there simply isn't much difference.

What's needed is a change in mindset for not just the government, but the American people too.

The Age of Empirical Thought has finally come to an end.

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Don Robertson, The American Philosopher
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ISRAOIL said...

The overlooked infested problem is the Jewish owners of the radio stations.Admit it--If they don't tow the zionist line----they become toast.
Take Clear Channel,the network that has over 1260 radio stations across USA,Rush Lambaugh would be out on his fat ass peddling viagra on info commericials. But guess, the owner of Clearchannel is a Jewish and the largest funding collector supporter for Bush't.
Now if your boss wants all Arabs dead to please Israel and you were O'Reilly,you'd do your best to please and FK the rest American fools.

NWOBane said...

Indeed, we should not see these men as journalists, newsmen, etc., protected under freedom of press. They are agents for a domestic enemy. I hope we remember them all and take steps to see that they are prosecuted once we take the nation back from the terrorists.

Constitutionalist said...

THnaks for good article, I await the day these quislings get theirs-no more chair at the kings table, no more fancy toys and depravity.