Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A few stories worth reading ...

First, learn about the loneliest Iraqi, a victim of the "war on terror" who has been stuck on a remote Pacific island and was featured in today's online edition of The Christian Science Monitor. Why? It's a secret, according to the Australian government and his Kafka-esque experience is taking a harsh toll on the Iraqi man.

Second ... check out this transcript I found over at Editor & Publisher this afternoon that features an interesting Q&A with reporters and White House Press Secretary Tony Snow discussing Lord Bush's signing into law the Military Commissions Act and whether there will be "secret prisons." It's very revealing and interesting when a reporter asks why Snow thinks the press is "impugning" the military for simply asking that there be oversight.

But it got even more interesting.

Prior to saying he was going to get "snarky," Snow talked of "outside actors" who would be involved in the interrogations
Well, again, because you do have accountability. You have outside actors looking in on every juncture. It is built in. And therefore, there are measures that are taken within this.

Q Who are the outside actors?

MR. SNOW: They are independent of the questioning that's going on. But they've also been trained in taking a look at what the proper guidelines are for interrogation under the law, trying to make sure that people do not go beyond the boundaries of a proper interrogation.

Q You won't say who they are --

MR. SNOW: These are people who work for the federal government who are charged with doing it.

Q They're not independent if they're working for the federal government.

MR. SNOW: They're independent of the questioning. Let me -- well, never mind. Go ahead.

So, who are they? Could they be agents of a foreign government? I wouldn't put it past the BushCo crime syndicate.

And finally, there was a story I first noticed in the Catholic weekly The Wanderer. Writer Paul Likoudis talks about secret talks to advance a sovereignty-destroying North American Union. Likoudis notes a Bilderberg-esque meeting I was completely unaware of which took place in September at a resort in the Canadian Rockies.

The local paper, The Banff (Alberta) Crag & Canyon covered the 2006 North American Forum as best they could and had three articles, all linked at their online site. It makes for some very interesting reading. Canadian citizens are not pleased about the secret policy talks being made on their soil.

And The Wanderer had a thorough list of all the attendees, ranging from think-tank types to some of Rummy's henchmen and other government officials to New World Order supporters like Dr. Robert A. Pastor, director, Center for North American Studies, American University. Pastor, you may recall, is calling for the merger of Canada, USA and Mexico into a single economic region, borders and sovereignty be danged! WorldNetDaily has been after him for months and even has a new story on him and his goals.

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