Friday, October 06, 2006

Istook's former page to cooperate with feds

Here are portions of a story in The Oklahoman this morning regarding Rep. Ernest Istook's page who was a victim of disgraced former congressman Mark Foley.

By Nolan Clay and Michael McNutt
The Oklahoman
Posted: October 6, 2006

OKLAHOMA CITY - A former congressional page is willing to talk to the FBI and the U.S. House Ethics Committee about former Rep. Mark Foley, his attorney said Thursday.
“He will answer fully and truthfully any questions put to him,” attorney Stephen Jones said.
Jordan Edmund, 21, has been working on Republican Rep. Ernest Istook’s gubernatorial campaign. Istook, of Warr Acres, admitted Thursday at a hastily called news conference the scandal has affected his campaign.
“Things are a distraction, but it doesn’t stop the momentum that we’ve been gaining,” Istook said.

Jones said Edmund has done nothing wrong.
“Jordan was a minor when the alleged events described in the media occurred,” Jones said. “He retained me ... to guide and assist him through a difficult investigative and media onslaught because he thought I might be able to help him.
“Jordan has authorized me to say that if he has any relevant information on the matters involving Congressman Foley, he will voluntarily present it to any appropriate official authority.”
Jones has experience with high-profile cases. He defended Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.
Jones confirmed he has been in contact with the FBI and that Edmund has left Oklahoma. Jones, a $5,000 contributor to Istook, said he is not being paid by the Istook campaign.
ABC News reported Foley had Internet sex with the former page before a vote. In one exchange, Foley wrote, “I miss you lots since san diego.” Edmund is from the San Diego area.

Istook dismissed as “nonsense” a question that presidential adviser Karl Rove, who will appear Monday night in Oklahoma City to raise money for Istook’s campaign, recommended he hire Edmund.

Yikes! Some have said Karl Rove was involved in this whole deal. Maybe he is. So, is this the "surprise" he warned us about? Where can this all be going? As for Istook's campaign for governor against popular incumbent Brad Henry, he needs to hang it up.

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