Tuesday, October 10, 2006

And the sheeple just snooze away ...

Saw this WAFB TV story out of Baton Rouge, La. linked over at The Dead Pelican. It's about the City of Baton Rouge wanting to place red-light cameras at busy intersections. The report states that the cameras will take pictures of license plates of red-light runners and the OWNER will receive a ticket. The owner? What if the owner isn't the one running the light. And what scares me is this portion of the story:

What may come as a surprise is that no Baton Rouge drivers we spoke with are against such a plan.
"It only takes a minute for a light to change and someone can get killed because you don't want to wait a minute," said Maretta Jackson.
Bob Moreano told WAFB 9 News, "Put (in) the cameras, and if it has to be me, then you know what, eh, I violated the law. I gotta pay like everybody else

Yeah, Baton Rouge and other lawless cities ... bring in the cameras ... put us all under surveillance. We'll be good slaves!!! We promise!!!

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