Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cops harass bucket-wielding minister types

While driving down Lee Boulevard this afternoon, I was at a light and noticed a number of cops talking with several men holding buckets, you know, the kind they hold at intersections where they try to raise money, not unlike the firemen with their boots.

Anyway, I rolled down my window a little bit to where I could hear the cops talking. One man, apparently the leader told the cops not to harass him and his group. The cop got belligerent and replied: "I'm not harassing you, I'm doing my job." I then overheard something about permits.

But what bothered me the most was when I heard one of the cops, a Hispanic guy wearing shorts (on a cold day) say, "If you say we're harassing you one more time, I'm going to arrest you." Say what? They can't arrest you for speaking your mind. Do we or don't we still have fre speech in this country? It's insane!

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