Monday, March 19, 2007

Zimbabwe turning into full-fledged prison camp

Brutal strongman and crazy old dude Robert Mugabe has totally destroyed his own African nation of Zimbabwe and what's shocking is that so few are talking about this travesty. Check out the latest story from the UK Independent.

Or just check out this snippet from the Independent story:

Statements from Mr Mugabe in recent days have revealed deep divisions in his own party and suggested the autocratic leader has an insecure grip on a country he has ruled for the last 27 years. Speaking in Harare on Saturday, Mr Mugabe accused the opposition of resorting to violence sponsored by the former colonial power, Britain and other Western allies.
"We have given too much room to mischief-makers and shameless stooges of the West. Let them and their masters know that we shall brook none of their lawless behaviour."

What a shame. Those poor people caught in the middle of that insanity. Where is the Hague and the UN when it comes to Madman Mugabe?

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