Friday, March 16, 2007

Military movement in South Central U.S.

Received the following information today regarding military movement on U.S. highways and interstates mainly in the South-Central United States. It comes from an over-the-road trucker known as Ghostwolfemoon ...

Here it is ...
This week along I-20 from Alabama to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas, north on Highway 75/69 from Dallas into Muskogee Oklahoma, I-40 from Oklahoma into Memphis Tennessee, and south a short way into Mississippi on I-55, there has been the most movement of military equipment this truck driver has seen in the past year or more.
Everything from assorted types of Humvees, portable generators on wheels, larger trucks, and even 6 Naval helicopters still in shrinkwrap. Most were new vehicles and could have been headed to one of the many military instillations on or near I-20 or I-40, perhaps elsewhere too. One new piece of equipment noted were military olive drab portable air conditioners. DUH? These units could cool a rather large building or portable building of at least 50x100. There are still all sorts, sizes, and colors of portable generators moving everywhere. You see these kinds of generators frequently but not like the past several months.

Have seen this after seeing information about Yellowstone and a possible volcanic eruption. Not sure what to make of it. FYI ...

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