Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The legacy of deadly DU

It is absolutely shocking and sickening to think that our government uses depleted uranium munitions in the field, a deadly substance that affects friend and enemy alike and won't go away for millions of years.

Writes Robert Weitzel, CommonDreams.org:
(T)he world should note that America has been waging a "low yield" nuclear war that has been killing civilians for almost two decades.
Missing from this war are mushroom clouds and very loud booms. Present is nuclear fallout with its insidious long-term effects on both combatant and civilian and its perpetual contamination of land and water resources.

The United States began waging nuclear war in Kosovo in 1990 and has continued through the Persian Gulf War, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. The "nuclear tipped" weapon of choice in each of these theaters of war has been depleted uranium (DU) munitions.

Why does this go on? The War Machine marches on, caring not who stands in the way.

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