Thursday, July 20, 2006

Trans-Texas Catastrophe in the making

The NAFTA SuperHighway story, first brought to the mainstream via Jerome Corsi's articles in Human Events, is starting to get into other publications as well (perhaps including The Lawton Constitution, thanks to yours truly) including the Associated Press, via the Houston Chronicle, in a story headlined: "Farmers furious at Texas governor over proposed superhighway and datelined Hillsboro, Texas, just down the road from Waxahachie.

Anyway, the story really slams Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who has been forcing this through for several years. Perry is another globalist who is in line with Bush's New World Order dreams.

Notes the article: Supporters say the corridors are needed to handle the expected NAFTA-driven boom in the flow of goods to and from Mexico and handle Texas' growing population.
Despite a state attorney general's ruling that the Cintra-Zachry contract be made public, the Perry administration has gone to court to prevent the disclosure of what is says is proprietary information.
"We don't know for sure whether this is a concept that we can endorse or not because we have not seen it," complained Mayor Will Lowrance of Hillsboro, a town of 8,200 people 55 miles south of Dallas. "I happen to still believe in the open records law in Texas

Once this is completed in Texas, it will be coming here to Oklahoma. So ... what are we going to do to warn the population - farmers, ranchers, landowners, etc. - about what is coming in the not-so-distant future?

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