Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ol' Man Rummy extends troop tours in sunny Iraq

Looks like we're gonna be bogged down in broken Iraq for a long, long time.

Notes AFP reporter Jim Mannion: US commanders have effectively given up hopes for even a gradual reduction in the US force this year on account of a bitter insurgency and spiralling sectarian violence.
It boosted the size of the US force from 14 brigades to 15 brigades, and from 127,000 troops to at least 130,000

And then mean ol' Uncle Rummy chimes in when word gets out about the extension: "If you extend somebody, is there some disappointment that they won't be home when they thought they would be home? Sure," US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told reporters. "But, as I say, this is a professional military, and they are doing a superb job."
He said when an army unit was extended for several months two years ago, "they handled it in a professional way, and got on with life."

Well, not all of 'em have gotten "on with life." No thanks to you evil neocons, our troops are dying or getting maimed in your pointless war.

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