Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Justification for Israel's invasion "on thin ice"

So, just where were those two Israeli soldiers when they were captured (kidnapped)? Seems as though they were on the Lebanese side of the border, as noted in this Antiwar.com article written by Joshua Frank.

Meanwhile, Lebanese civilians are dying while Israel pounds the land of cedars incessantly. Have you seen the video footage or photos coming out of Lebanon? Did you see the Israeli children signing bombs that were meant for killing people in Lebanon, including children? And then there's the graphic and shocking reports of phosphorous weapons being used by Israel. It's sick!


Timothy McAndrews said...

Thank you for your anti-semetic comments. It's
good to k now that the Nazi spirit lives!

we saw that... said...

his comments arent antisemetic they anti zionist and rightfully so. did you know that zionism is not judaism? g-d fearing orthodox jews reject zionism and they reject the zionist israeli state.

true christians reject zionism and the zionist israeli state as well.

dont be a useful idiot.

see jews against zionism
neturei karta

see also the french connection
eric hufschmid

AWG said...

Thanks WST. Yeah, guys like Timothy simply aren't informed about what is really going on in the Middle East. Peace.