Thursday, July 13, 2006

High alert off US coast?

Don't know if there is anything to this post, found at Rumor Mill News. But with heightened alerts and concerns about a full-fledged global conflict breaking out in light of the Israeli-Lebanese fighting, the Iraq war and North Korea's unstable behavior, it's worth noting.

With a grain of salt ...

This info is through sources of Steve Quayle one of whom was on his radio program with him on Tuesday night
.... reports of enemy submarines off the east coast of America in the 2:00 hour eastern, (tuesday)... off the Atlantic coast.
.... ham operators heard a pilot, a navy P-3 pilot they believe, come on the radio with a very excited, concerned voice and reported that they had just spotted a submarine and asked what they should do now..... the pilot was advised to "take NO offensive action", then the pilot said, "UHHH I understand sir but this could all be for real this time", he said that in a very concerned voice. The orders were repeated to "take NO offensive action."
.... There was much communication in code words... such as "referees of the fishing tournament" and talk of "pelicans", they said this communication was going on to multiple sites, Offutt AFB and they also believe a bunker in Pennsylvania called Raven Rock.
.... Then they said there are seven subs on the east coast and seven subs on the west coast.
Can anyone confirm any of the above or the following or anything like it going on in your area?
... big marine helios out about 6 to 8 miles off the coast of Atlantic City, NJ searching the waters
... Coast Guard helicopters and big navy helicopters out there searching for something off the southern coast of New Jersey.
... the 177th fighter wing out of Anchor Harbor, NJ are on alert
... the 436th airlift in Dover, Del. are on full alert and are doing enhanced patrols in the Delaware bay and off Cape May about 30 miles out.
... any info on two subs that were taken out on the West Coast.
... Air raid sirens going off and 11175 now being jammed this is a military rf frequency and this is in Ohio.


Any idea what is going on?

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