Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Girl Scout murders of '77

In June 1977, one of the most shocking and horrific murders to take place in modern-day Oklahoma occured at a quiet Girl Scout camp called Camp Scott, located near the eastern Oklahoma town of Locust Grove.

Until a day or so ago I don't think I'd ever heard of the Oklahoma Girl Scout murders. And being a crime reporter in Oklahoma, these sorts of things catch my attention. A chum of mine brought it to my attention via this somewhat sensationalized website and a reference on Wikipedia.

Writes someone at Kyle Wood's crime site: Once a wilderness utopia where children played, it's fifty-year history came crashing to a sudden end with the ghastly murders of three Girl Scouts in 1977. Michele Heather Guse , 9, Doris Denise Milner , 10, and Lori Lee Farmer , 8, had all fallen victim to a monsterous killer--the likes of which Oklahoma and the nation had never before seen. A curious crime that to this day continues on as one of the country's most unusual mysteries.

The story is absolutely chilling. Having gone to summer camps in neighboring Arkansas and Missouri just after this time period (1979-85), this tale hits closer to home.

And there were warnings. A note inside a donut box found on the camp grounds two months earlier read: "We are on a mission to kill three girls." This was thought to be a prank at the time and the note was discarded. On the night of the murders, eerie moans were heard and a scream at 3 a.m.

A suspect, Gene Hart, was found and tried but found not guilty. While in prison on charges, he died of a heart attack. It is thought that another person may have been involved in the murders. The case is considered open but inactive.

Anyway, I'll stop here. Read the sites and tell me what you think.


we saw that... said...

very strange. like a ritual killing. also the carole lombard story from that website was interesting as well.

mouserv said...

Scary! Hits close to home with all of the Boy Scout outings I attended.

My friends and I always set our tents up far away from everyone else. Always felt safe but something like this goes to show you that you just don't know.