Monday, July 30, 2007

Kotze and Fairhall: Battling the NWO

I have become quite a fan of the work of Canadian synchomystic blogger Jake Kotze at The Brave New World Order and Brit Ben Fairhall who runs Battling the Behemoth and The Daily Behemoth.
Kotze and Fairhall's insight into what is going on in the world and the things we don't see is quite remarkable and worth paying attention to.
For instance, Fairhall (picture above, taken by Fairhall, is a "Harry Potter" movie ad which reads: "A NEW ORDER RISES"), has been investigating so-called "Potter madness" and the curious quirks of authoress J.K. Rowling. Did this woman create the Harry Potter myth all by her lonesome? Did she have help? Who are the ghost writers and where does the Illuminati fit into all of this? Fairhall's insights are spot-on, in my book.
And then there's Fairhall's synchromystic-investigating pal Jake Kotze. I have watched all of Kotze's synchromystic videos and my jaw drops with each viewing. Amazingly, Kotze is able to patch together snippets from pop culture - comic books, adventure movies, television and more - and somehow link it to darker forces, "water doors," the ancient Egyptians, and extraterrestrial visitors. Better said, Kotze hypothesizes that the mass media is inserting all sorts of secret information through something as innocuous as a Donald Duck comic book or the "Spider-Man" trilogy. I urge all Spelunkers to visit these sites and let the information wash over you. It's worth it if you're at all interested in making sense of this crazy world.

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