Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Activist places two, full-page ad in NYT regarding JFK assassination cover-up

Was listening to the "Sean Hannity Show" this afternoon and heard Curtis Sliwa, sitting in for "Shawwwwnnnnn" talk about the New York Times and then say "and printing some crazy conspiracy theory on A16 and A17."

Well, lucky for me, I had been in Starbucks earlier in the afternoon and had a copy of the Times in the seat next to me, still unread.

Sure enough, it was on a topic I was quite familiar with - the continuing cover-up of the J.F.K. assassination.

Written in letter form to Donald Graham of the Washington Post, activist Paul Kuntzler of the Miller Reporting Co. explains how President Kennedy was killed by:
"Vice President London (sic) Baines Johnson in a widespread , incredibly complex and brilliantly planned conspiracy that involved the Federal Bureau of Investigations directed by J. Edgar Hoover, the CIA directed by David Atlee Phillips, the Secret Service, elements of the United States Air Force, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the United States Army, the United States Navy, Henry R. Luce's LIFE magazine, the Ford Motor Company, the Dallas Police, including Dallas Mayor Earle Cabel, big Oil of Midland, Texas, the Texas political establishment , the mafia, the anti-Castro Cubans, Southern racists, inlcuding retired General Edwin Walker, and others. President Richard M. Nixon was also involved."

Pretty complex, eh? Well, it's a very interesting read if you get a chance to pick up a copy of today's Times.

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