Thursday, June 21, 2007

McCain advisor tries to exclude Paul from Iowa debate

It's really interesting to me that Ed Failor Jr., with Iowans for Tax Relief, is trying to exclude Rep. Ron Paul from a GOP debate in Des Moines on June 30th. And as it turns out, this guy Failor is a senior advisor to the John McCain campaign. What a condescending, arrogant scumbag.

Writes Des Moines Register reporter Thomas Beaumont: "To plan an event of this scope, we invited credible Democratic and credible Republican candidates alike," Failor said. "We had to draw the line somewhere."
Failor said candidates who were invited had to have demonstrated evidence of an Iowa campaign and have visible signs of support, through surveys of caucusgoers. Democrats were also invited, too, but none accepted, he said.
That did not sit well with Paul's supporters, many of whom follow closely on the Internet the outspoken critic of the war in Iraq and vocal proponent of federal spending and tax restraint.
Among the several e-mail objections sent to The Des Moines Register, some referred to the decision as "tragic," "fascist," and even "evil.""Shame on the bureaucrats who made this one happen," one Paul supporter wrote. "I hope they become aware of how evil they are."
Failor said he had received more than 60 angry telephone calls at home, a practice the Paul campaign said they did not endorse.

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