Tuesday, June 26, 2007

9/11 truth comes to NW Arkansas

Just heard, via the Alex Jones Show, that my former county of residence, Benton County, Arkansas, had a visit from graffiti artists who used silver spray paint to get across to folks in Wal-Martville that their own government has run amok and no longer following the Constitution.

According to a story by Tracy Neal of the Benton County Daily Record ...

9-11 was an inside job” was scrawled in silver spray paint on the front window and bricks of the main courthouse at 102 N. E. A St. The same message was written on the front wall of the Courthouse Annex at 201 N. E. Second St.

On the east wall of the Courthouse Annex, more messages were left: “ Google = terror storm, ” “ www. infowars. com” and “Bush knew 9-11 was an inside job. ”

Similar statements were written on two vehicles — a Dodge Durango and a Chevy Colorado pickup truck — according to Bentonville Police Chief James Allen.
Statements were also painted on bathroom doors in Dave Peel Park, according to Benton County Judge Gary Black.

While vandalism is a bad idea (prison sucks, y'all!), I can't help but sense the frustration of these folks. They are part of a growing group of Americans who have had it with this arrogant government that was involved in 9/11 and other crimes.

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