Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sen. Rice asked questions regarding 9/11 'inside job'

At Saturday's anti-war protest at the State Capitol in Oklahoma City, I had a chance to approach State Sen. Andrew Rice (speaking by the Peace Pole at upper left in dark coat and hat) who lost a brother on 9/11 at the World Trade Center.

I had heard a lot about Sen. Rice and that he was a new progressive representing a district in Oklahoma City. Of course when I heard about his connection to 9/11 via the tragic death of his brother David, I had to ask him about whether or not he felt 9/11 could've been an "inside job." Well, after he finished speaking about Saudi oil money funding the terrorists who perpetrated the attacks and how this is linked to oil interests in America, the crowd continued its march down Lincoln Blvd. south of the State Capitol.

But I shook Sen. Rice's hand and asked him directly if it was an "inside job." He said he wasn't sure about that but that more needed to be investigated and that "the truth would eventually come to light." Then, a man named Porter who had spoken earlier on the Capitol steps and had taken a libertarian stance on issues, questioned Rice as well, asking about an "inside job" and issues related to World Trade Center 7. I asked him if he knew of former WTC janitor William Rodriguez and his report of bombs going off below him in the basement. Rice seemed interested in this information and acknowledged it was all very strange and 9/11 required further investigation. I know if I had lost a family member that day, under suspicious circumstances, I would be asking all sorts of questions. Anyone thinking it was simply "terr'ists with boxcutters" is living in a dreamworld.

That was pretty much it. Porter and I continued walking back to the Capitol and I told him how I pretty much knew intuitively on 9/11/01 that the government had been involved in the attacks. We talked about Alex Jones and the truth movement, including Matthew Woodson, the young man who ran for congress from Oklahoma City. It was good to meet a likeminded soul who was more vocal about his questions regarding 9/11. As for Sen. Andrew Rice, well, he's new and I think if he were given the right information I think he'd come to our side.

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